Our journey to the cloud at giffgaff began in 2018, when we realised our datacenter capabilities weren’t enough to fulfil our ambitions as a technology company. The speed of change, scalability and reliability of both our infrastructure and applications were lacking behind our expectations.

In December of 2019, we decided…

Credit to: fluentd.org

Note: for a basic understanding of Fluentd, have a look at the following article

The Fluentd json parser plugin, one of the many Fluentd plugins, is in charge of parsing JSON logs. In combination with dynamic mapping, makes it very easy to ship logs in JSON format to an Elasticsearch…

Logs are underrated in many enterprise environments. Logs are often completely ignored, and only noticed when disk space is low. At that point, they’re usually deleted without review.

Sometimes logs are seen as a way to troubleshoot operational problems. Logs can be a good source of forensic information for determining…

Matías Costa

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